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Soft Opening Garden Lantern

Pekalongan, March 6, 2014

WIRADESA - International Batik Center on Jalan Ahmad Yani Pekalongan has a new tourist area of the Garden Lanterns, as part of a way of attracting more visitors.

"We tried to liven up the area over IBC & Craft, by making the Tourism Night Shopping in Pekalongan Batik. For the start, Thursday, March 6, 2014 at 17:30 we officially open to the public, "said IBC & Craft Teky manager told Radar.

"With the Holidays night, certainly an area we will continue crowded from morning till night. Various unique facility with a new atmosphere will make visitors more comfortable. Parents can shop batik, and the kids can play hard, "so on.
To realize the plan, IBC Management & Craft is working with young children Pekalongan. Build creative team led by Satria will present a variety of interesting rides in the area of evening tour.

Like a garden lantern in most areas IBC, Laser Park in hall building, Monument Park, Pedicab Ornamental, Ornamental Bike Shoes, Wheels, Trains larvae and various other beautiful lanterns.

Wake confirmed to Radar, not just a game facility and other unique equipment, children can also photograph together with the players Cost Play Power Ranger costume.

For fans of cold drinks, especially ice cream, IBC visitors are also spoiled with a very interesting event. Ie eat as much ice cream, enough to pay Rp 15 thousand, could eat ice cream all day remains in the area of origin.

ateh and capture moments you unique as a couple at the Lantern Park IBC & Craft, while together, relax and play with the family. Admission Monday - Friday Rp 5 thousand, Saturday - Sunday Rp 7,500. At the premiere will also be given admission in the promotion field. (Han)

By Radar Pekalongan

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